A multi-tasking individual with 2 years of experience who is looking to work on projects with exciting clients. Hard working, fast-learner and enthusiastic. I value my time and speed to create successful results. I live with technology to improve communication and information to people who need it.
About Me

I'm an indivdual who loves to make websites and apps. Born and raised in Glasgow, UK. I've been travelling to a few countries, lived in Indonesia for a year in 2014-15 teaching English to the locals and making websites as a freelancer while I was there. I'm the founder of DreamingWave, which is a new social networking platform I'm working on where people can share their ideas, news, visions, etc. Currently working with Shalimar Weddings as a Video Editor and Web Developer

Technologies I use
Usage with frameworks & languages
Other Technical Work

In my spare time I experiment with many different software and systems. I have an interest in 3D art, game development, architecture and photography.

Programs and tools that I have experience with:

Programming IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Zend Studio, Brackets

Programming tools: Git, Svn, CLI, SSH, Node.js, Npm, Bower, Composer, SystemJS, Webpack, Cpanel, Chrome dev tools and use of API documentations

Design software: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Unity 3D, AutoCad

Development Examples

Type something

Coding Demo

When a user types a comment and clicks the submit button, it passes through Jquery using an ajax request:

            var $comment = $('#comment').val();
                    comment: $comment

We then use PHP to send the request and parse it through Amazon's DynamoDB as a POST/PUT request:

            $id = uniqid();
            $comment = $_POST['comment'];
            $result = $dynamodb->putItem([
                'TableName' => 'Comments',
                'Item' => [
                    'id' => ['S' => $id],
                    'comment' => ['S' => $comment],
                    'title' => ['S' => 'Batman']

To retrieve the posted items, we scan the database which finds the particular items that are stored in the table and print it in the DOM elements:

            $search = $_GET['query'];

            $loadComments = $dyanmodb->scan([
                'TableName' => 'Comments', 
                'ExpressionAttributeValues' => [
                    ':val1' => ['S' => $search]
                'FilterExpression' => 'title = :val1',
                'Limit' => 10 


            if($loadComments['ScannedCount'] == 0 || $loadComments['Count'] == 0){
                echo "<p>Sorry we couldn't find what you're looking for...</p>";
                foreach($loadComments['Items'] as $key => $value){
                    $id = $value['id']['S'];
                    $comment = $value['comment']['S'];
                    echo "<p>".$comment."</p>";

More examples on my GitHub Account

Work History
Shalimar Weddings (April 2014 - Current) - Freelance

Description: Wedding and event materials with photography and film services


Position: Video Editor & Web Developer

  • Fixing video footage of wedding videos
  • Creating video effects and other materials
  • Dealing with customer expectations
  • Fixing customers' request and changes
  • Communicating with customers when manager isn't present
  • Assisting the manager in other technical tasks and advice
  • Developed an information based website of the store to give samples to the customers

Technologies: PHP, Jquery, Bootstrap & DynamoDB

DreamingWave (May 2016) - Founder & Startup Company

Description: A new social networking website where people can share their dreams, visions, ideas, news, etc.


Position: Founder & Web Developer

  • Created a sharing system with various technologies
  • Formed this company as the owner in June 2016
  • Plan to succeed expanding the business in the upcoming years
  • Plan to develop more technologies in the future

Technologies: PHP, Jquery, JSON, Bootstrap, Braintree, Amazon's S3 & DynamoDB

1st Formations / Blue Square Offices (Jan 2016) - Company

Description: Company formations based website


Position: Front-End Developer

  • Editing content
  • Fix styling issues and making sure it is responsive for other devices
  • Used Trello to communicate with team members and CEO to log all activites

Technologies: HTML/CSS, Jquery, E-filing cms (

Wide Awake Nights (Jul 2015) - Client

Description: Information on how to sleep better at night

Url: (inactive website)

Position: Web Developer

  • Client from
  • Developed this website while I was travelling

Technologies: Wordpress

Spotlook (May 2014 - 2015) - Client

Description: Travel and booking based website

Url: (inactive website)

Position: Web Developer

  • Request from local client
  • Developed this website while I was travelling

Technologies: Wordpress, switched to dynamic PHP and HTML

Logo Designs
3D Designs
Lyceum Cinema Model

Description: This was a model design requested by the owner of the building for a projected proposal of a new design

Program: 3DS Max

Renderer: Mental Ray, Daylight system

Viking Sword

A polished viking sword. Used for battle and fighting games.

Program: 3DS Max

Renderer: Mental Ray, Photometric

Download: link


A dark wooden textured wardrobe includes 2 doors, shelves, towel shelf, hanger and 4 drawers. Used for furniture in games or animations for bedrooms or elsewhere.

Program: Maya

Renderer: Mental Ray

Download: link

Tea Cup

Program: Maya

Renderer: Mental Ray

Zoro from One Piece

Modelling and sculpting time 10 days (8 hours per day / 80 hours). The model contains texture maps, UVs and a Maya hair system.

Program: Maya and Zbrush

Renderer: Mental Ray

Download: link



- Diploma in Web Design & Digital Photography

TEFL Scotland

- Teaching English

City of Glasgow College

- HNC Digital Media

- NQ Information Technology

Bellahouston Academy

- Maths, English, Graphics, History, Business, Biology, Art

Currently Learning



Android SDK




Other Non-Digital Work

Teaching English in Indonesia (2014 - 2015)

- Teaching basic grammar

- Translating basic terms to make students understand better

Kitchen Assistant - Mother India Glasgow (2013 - 2014)

- Food preparation

- Working in a fast moving environment