Adam Riaz

Hi, I'm Adam

Software Developer

Glasgow, UK

Love to explore and create new things. A student of life and enjoys solving problems to make life easier and achieve success.


A full stack software developer worked with various technologies for clients, small and enterprise businesses. I have a background of the full development lifecycle from creating a web application from scratch to delivering live projects. I have built operational software for staff, account based apps for clients and marketing websites for the public.

Skill Set

I started out using Java and PHP but nowadays I often use Python and Javascript. I can work with any language as they all have the similar functionality. It doesn't take long for me to pick a new language or framework. I code on a daily basis and I work on side projects in my spare time.


Data is essential in the information era for business and anything out there. I've worked mostly with MySQL and DynamoDB in the past. I use ORMs for backend frameworks to speed up the process for creating and mapping tables for REST API services making it more consistant for consumers.

Microsoft SQL Server
Django ORM
Spring Data
Entity Framework

APIs are great tools to use for a client application to consume or send information to servers to complete a service or task. I work with Front-End applications and business logic on Back-End applications that passes data for the business or client whether it's for emails, records, files or automated tasks. This two-way communication gives a flexible transfer of information to users and interact with applications.

Spring Boot
UI Frameworks

An essential part of presenting a product or service is to have a clear visual output to the user, interactions with components and elements. I have worked with Front-End frameworks and libraries to output data and materials. I mostly use material design on websites for mobile friendly and responsive visuals. This makes it feel close to native apps.

Material UI
Software Development

I make simple, clean and maintainable web applications for businesses. From small to large scalable applications.

Cloud Development

I work with AWS products within projects. Managing servers, serverless products, load balancers, and databases.

API Management

I create web services to link data for consumers to use APIs between multiple applications.

UI Development

I develop applications with internal back office projects, customer or concept based designs. I work with mockups and translate them into web components with responsive elements for different devices and screen sizes.


When it comes to scaling an application, businesses eventually move towards independent services that doesn't affect other users and avoid downtime. I use microservice methods for managing resources and changes on projects.


I write tests as new features are being added to applications. I do unit, integration and e2e tests. This is to reduce bugs, further costs and enhance reliability within applications.


These closed-source projects were some examples of what I have been developing for in-house software and external clients

Vacation Property Management

This software is made for back office staff members to manage reservations and properties on Airbnb and The reservations were syncing through external APIs that manages a combination of scheduling and operational tools that guides the staff members to complete their daily tasks.

Accounting Insolvency

This is used by creditors and finance companies as a front desk application. This managed customers' finances, personal applications, letters and note management.

Employee Application Management

This managed company applications and tools for staff filtered based on their country. This also had a language conversion tool available to users for data that is already stored created by admins.

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