Software Development
I provide software solutions to greenfield projects and contribute towards existing systems that have already been established. I can give recommendations for start ups and existing businesses from testing to infrastructure methods that works for many companies. I can also provide budget recommendations on your cloud platform to make sure that it fits your business needs.
Cloud Development
I provide AWS cloud infrastructure solutions with automation and Infrastructure as Code to deploy applications on multiple environments. This involves branching code, build, test and deploy for Quality Assurance and Staging phases to keep workflows run smoothly during releases. I can help set up a stack of I.T resources using automated scripts with coverage reports to observe performance and test executions.
API Management
I create REST API applications to deliver data to the frontend or mobile applications. These are links and endpoints that process information and communicates with different I.T resources such as multiple applications as independant microservices of a business. Along with documentation and usage examples, this can be useful for consumers to understand how they work.
UI Development
I develop UI applications along with modern tools that are available to save time and increase development speed to produce a web application. I have worked with design templates that suit the theme of the business and type of application. I use the UI framework's modules to produce common web elements for users to interact with instead of creating them manually. UI frameworks and libraries make applications easier to deal with pages, forms, login authentication and styles of the application.
I can provide development support for applications that are on a monolith platform to microservices. When businesses scale from small to medium, this is a common change for businesses to adapt easier scalability when more resources start to increase. I develop independent multiple small applications for each product or department for the business. This is to minimize disruptions and avoid dependencies on one resource for the entire business.
When applications are ready to release the next feature, developers are usually expected to test functionality, components, web services and user experience. This gets passed on to QA and UAT testers for review before going live. I provide test-driven practises on applications to use coverage reports, set up alerts on environments if something goes wrong in the background and provide strategies to minimize bugs.

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