My story in a nutshell
I started to learn about computers when I was around 9 years old. I began to wonder how the PC works and decided to experiment with all the different parts inside and customize the hardware to make it faster with better graphics. I then got into graphic design in my teens and learned how to use Adobe products along with 3D modelling/game development using AutoDesk software and Unity. I learned this through college and really enjoyed learning this field. However, I struggled to find work in this area of I.T and only was able to do little freelance work. As I grew older, I realised that in order to earn enough in business is go by the market trends. Markets and businesses come and go all of the time. I then went into web development and other areas of software and discovered the amount of solutions that it has for many business problems and the use of automation to save time and money. I see that there are many opportunities in this field. I am mostly self taught and been learning how to code since 2015 through online courses. I have been working for a start up property management company called SpotHost as a software developer since 2016 and have also worked as contractor for a few larger companies.
As a developer
A full stack software developer worked with various technologies for clients, small and enterprise businesses. I have a background of the full development lifecycle from creating a web application from scratch to delivering live projects. I have built operational software for staff, account based apps for clients and marketing websites for the public.
I like to write organised, clean and maintainable code to make development clear not only to myself but also to my team members. I occasionally manage servers, databases and load balancers for DevOps. I have worked with small to large teams collaborating with closed-source projects and pair programming. I enjoy solving problems and coming up with solutions for businesses and learn something new everyday.
I am more stronger on the frontend development roles but I also do a lot of backend work including DevOps and infrastucture tasks on AWS. I am an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and I am planning to earn more AWS certificates in the future.
As a team player
I am comfortable interacting with technical and artistic people. I have led projects in the past and have dealt with pressure from tight deadlines and fast paced environments. I had many discussions on call and in person when it comes to task completions and objectives. I have screen shared and demo completed features to clients who like to see sneak peaks of the next release. I usually go the extra mile and help the team out. I like to hear and discuss with people coming from all walks of life. I have collaborated directly with other companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft.
As a person
I see myself as resourceful and open-minded. If I see a problem from anything in life, I will always try to find a solution to it whether it's health, money, social issues, etc. In my spare time, I like to work out and look after my health. I have a side project I'm working on about nutrition and healthy eating. I like to game, do research, watch YouTube videos, travel and learn new skills.
Biggest achievement in life
This may be outside the business world but it's a real world issue. I have always had problems with my health since I was 10 years old. I suffered from obesity most of my life, it was one of my biggest obstacles and needed to do something about it. Over the past 5 years I decided to take my health seriously and find a solution to this problem. I tried many ways to lose weight from going to gym to being selective on my food. I found a kind of a formula to my weight loss journey and what worked for me. I first tried to stop eating meat, eating salt, ultra processed foods, etc and going to the gym at the same time but none of that worked and didn't acheive the results. So I was following the science and was careful on the information I am reading up because there is a lot misinformation out there even from many health organisations.
I looked at what our ancestors hundreds of years ago used to eat and the activities they did. I looked into the Keto community and thought at first that this is another fad diet but once I learned about it, it made sense about what foods do to your body. Some people call it a diet or a lifestyle but I see it more of an awareness about the food that we eat in modern times and what is causing all of these health problems to many people around the world.
It was a combination between healthy eating and intermittent fasting. I had to give up the foods that were contributing to my bad health and adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Between 2020 and 2021, I was at my highest of 120kg and I lost over 40kg which took about over a year to achieve those results. I didn't do much exercise apart from lifting a few weights and intermittent fasting was my main driver for making this work. It was all mainly to do with time and consumption. I did log this every other day and took photos to see the progress I made. This was the results:
After achieving these results, my mind was a lot clearer, productivity levels were much higher and my body was moving a lot faster. I see this as my biggest acheivement because it was the most challenging task for me to do and probably for many other people out there. My main focus was consistency and I believe that consistency is what makes the results. It doesn't end there, there's still work to be done on maintaining and making sure I don't go back to where I was before.
I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me on my socials or by email below.

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